My heart is so happy that you are here! Soul Transformation began in 2020 and has since evolved into a thriving business dedicated to helping you heal and step into your power. Monique offers unique services that will allow you to relax into your deepest state, experience magic from the Universe & other dimensions and take time for yourself. 

Sessions involve a multisensory approach to healing; no session is the same. Each experience is immersive. Monique channels all of her guided meditations and visualizations making her stand apart from other practitioners. By using energy work- she is able to connect you with past versions of yourself, inner child, inner teen and higher self. Let's work together- I am so honored to be your intuitive guide. 

Imagine sleeping better at night, having more self-awareness, clarity, acceptance, forgiveness, releasing emotions you have trapped/absorbed/inherited, feeling unconditional love, bring abundance into your life in all forms and learning how to relax. 

"Monique helped tear down walls and relieve stress & anxiety. It was so amazing to let shit go that I was holding onto and surrender to things out of my control."

"Monique's guided meditations are beautifully written & her vioce is so calming. She really knows how to help you dive deep & relax." 

"I had the most beautiful card reading with Monique that brought me so much clarity. I was able to make some truly life changing decisions that will allow me to step fully into my purpose. I am forever grateful."

"...truly transformational readings. So spot on and I have so much clarity now."

"I received the divine messages I needed to hear. I left feeling so revitalized and energized. I can't wait to do more work with Monique!"