“Awaken to your soul within.”

“Trust the divine guidance.”

"Treat yourself to Oily Goodness."

"Take time to pause."

Hello Gorgeous Soul!

My name is Monique, and I am a high vibing entrepreneur: Young Living Brand Partner, Intuitive card reader, author, guided meditation writer, Reiki master, and lightworker. It is wonderful to meet you!

In my early 20s I was burnt out. A recipe for disaster! In 2017, Young Living came into my life and I started to prioritize myself. Now I have a toolbox and have the deep desire to teach women that self care is not selfish.

Fast forward and now I am a self care queen who believes in never pouring from an empty cup. I desire joy, love, happiness and high vibes every single day!

"Monique helped tear down walls and relieve stress & anxiety. It was so amazing to let shit go that I was holding onto and surrender to things out of my control."

"Monique's guided meditations are beautifully written & her vioce is so calming. She really knows how to help you dive deep & relax." 

"...truly transformational readings. So spot on and I have so much clarity now."