Monique, how did you start writing guided meditations?

I have been meditating for over a decade now, and it has dramatically changed my life. Am I an expert? No way, but it calms me down and keeps me centered. Let’s take a quick trip to the past! When I was in college, one of my favorite classes was creative writing. The writing was always something that I enjoyed, but I gravitated towards guided imagery in particular. There was something so therapeutic, painting a picture with as many descriptive words as I could. Immerse my readers/audience into the environment I envisioned.
As an Earth Angel archetype, I love nature and desire grounding energy in my life. In 2020, I was constantly outside, and my meditation practice deepened with the help of my soul family. I would be sitting in deep meditation, see crystal clear visions, and then immediately start writing what I saw. My guided meditation hobby began, and I could not wait to share them with the world. The meditations are inspired by nature; they are gentle, positive, and uplifting. Something that we all craved during quarantine. Through the writing, I was able to heal my emotions while at the same time help others on their own journeys. Extremely gratifying experiences!