Am I living a “perfect” healthy lifestyle? No way!
I use essential oils to support my systems.
I also color my hair and get balayage done.
I drink Ningxia everyday.
I also can crush a heaping pile of nachos.
I take supplements and homeopathic tinctures.
I also freaking love sushi & anything with fried buffalo chicken.
I use natural makeup, skincare, hair products and toothpaste.
I also enjoy getting spray tans.
Find your own happiness! Yes, I love the lifestyle that I have adopted and I am not perfect or 100% chemical free. And guess what?! That’s okay! Progress over Perfection always!

Essential oils have become such a lifestyle and I truly love living a healthy lifestyle! I have been a brand partner with Young Living since 2017 and a little bottle of Valor kick started my self care journey. 

I love that our essential oils support all body systems, our emotions and can assist me when I am in client sessions! 

A majority of my life is free of toxins because I believe in our products and just feel better in all aspects of my life. I desire to feel JOY to live my best life! You don’t need mine or anyone else’s permission!

It’s not just about the oils! The company may be called “Young Living Essential Oils”, but they have TONS of other products. Personal care products, all the household products you’ll ever need, fitness and weight loss products, a children’s and baby care line, vitamins galore... you name it! Need help with sleep? We got that. Need help with your immune system? We got that. Need help with your digestive system? No problem. The list goes on and on. You can customize your own order to your specific needs. How freaking cool is that?!?!?

It is time for you to take control of YOUR own life and YOUR own health. When you fill your body and your home environment with goodness, your body is able to do what it was CREATED to do Work and function properly! It’s never too late to make those changes... NEVER! Just commit and DO IT! Take ownership of your own life, because it will be the best decision you ever make. It’s time!

"Oils are a part of my everyday routine. I notice a huge shift when I am feeling off and realize I didn't use them"

"Love these oils! And all of Monique's tips and tricks & diffuser blend ideas, Highly recommend."

" I love the camaraderie and education, the free products & rewards. The wealth of information on the website and in the Facebook groups!"

"Being a member brings some peace to my life. I love having confidence that my products are not chemical laden and actually work."